Wi-Fi Thermostats: Smart Thermostat Options

Have you heard about wifi thermostats?


A smart thermostat reduces energy cost by automatically adjusting the temperature depending on whether you are home, sleeping or away. It also analyzes your heating and cooling patterns for energy-savings opportunities, and it lets you create temperature zones that can be independently controlled.


According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, homeowners can save up to $180 annually by installing an internet-connected thermostat.


Another benefit of having a wifi thermostat is that you can stay comfortable because they adapt to your schedule; they can learn about your habits and adjustments. You can make real-time adjustments with any internet connected device.


Wifi-connected thermostats provide helpful maintenance reminders to keep your system running smoothly. The reminders are about how long the system has been running for, and this is the most accurate way to keep track of the heating and air conditioning maintenance.


Installing a wifi thermostat will also keep both, you and your partner honest about who changed the temperature settings and when they were altered.


To learn more about wifi thermostats, contact Refriplus Heating & Air. We serve Salt Lake and Utah Counties.


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