New Construction

Have a custom project in mind?

Have a custom project in mind?

New construction or remodeling project? As a Homebuilder or General Contractor, you are responsible for the quality of all work performed within the project’s specifications and for the schedule, so your time is money!


When Hiring the Right HVAC Construction Installation Crew, is vital that, all aspects of your HVAC installation will be handled with professionalism to maximize cost-efficiency and performance – before, during and after – completing the mechanical design on a project.

Refriplus is your trusted HVAC partner! We provide you:

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning professional solutions to your residential or light commercial new construction or remodeling projects.

Options to maximize energy efficiency and cost validation to determine value based best-in-class equipment or materials choices.

Proven materials, products, and methods to deliver your project on time and budget through our certified and practical HVAC knowledge.

Exceptional customer service and problem-solving to assure a smoothly run project.

Guarantee on heating and cooling systems design and installation according to local and national code compliance and manufacturer specifications.

Post-construction customer support / service with which you can proudly offer to your clients and customers.

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